fucking hell


izzie will freaking kick arabella’s ass twelve ways to sunday

dion’s her best friend and you don’t hurt her best friends unless you want spilled blood on your hands


"I’ve been okay. Much…much better now that I’m seeing you." He couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face as he stepped closer to her, wondering if she could hear how fast is heart was racing. "And you? You look as lovely as ever." Stepping a bit closer, he bit his lip and reached out for her, his fingers brushing against hers, shivers running through his spine from the contact. "I miss you, you know? A whole damn lot. And there’s been something I’ve wanted to tell you for weeks. If you uh…have the time to listen."


His hand curls into hers and a triggering breath exhales from her lips, her chest getting caught and she just wants to close her lids and simmer in the intoxication that comes from his touch, a swipe of her lip and its a temptation not to pull him into her. A curve of a smile on her mouth, and her heart is feeling lighter than it has in ages. “Yeah? Thats good to hear.. its always good to hear that you missed me.” A flirtatious lilt fills her voice and a cheeky smiles dances on her mouth, a nod taps out and she says something along the lines of “I’ve been good.. celebrating a million and one holidays since I’ve seen you last.” A curl of her legs up, and she makes space for him next to her. “I’ve always had time for you, whats been dizzying your mind?”


Why? I’m good.


Why what? Why are you being weird and distant? C’mon Dion, you’re my best friend.. why am I only getting one word replies from you?


I stayed.. not like I normally do, so please tell me this is all in my head and you’re not actually shutting me out or pushing me away, I need you in my life.

also so far in my legal stages i’ve had an pina colada and an tall island ice tea and damn i just want to drink

abigail-clark hi you’re my favorite

avamayer sometimes i miss you so much its like i’m missing half a lung and that makes breathing hella difficult

tumblrs dumb it doesn’t show my percentage in crushes but travis is winning at 28%